What is the Investment?

Each ornament is priced based on the time required to craft your cake.  Send me a few images of your cake so I can put an estimate together for you today.  The base price is 150.00 for a single tier cake.  Most wedding cakes range between $250.00 and $350.00.   

How do I purchase?

Once you accept the quote, I will email a PayPal invoice to you.  After your PayPal payment is confirmed, I will begin to craft your ornament.

What is the best way to send pictures of my cake?

You can email to Treasures@earthlygrace.com or, if you prefer, you can send me a link to your web-based photo gallery that includes images of your cake.

When will receive my ornament?

Due to the demand and the time investment requited to complete each mini memory I can only take a few orders each month.   

What is the size of the completed ornament?

Sizes vary depending on the size of your cake but they are typically 3 to 8 inches high.  All ornaments will stand independently so that you can also display your treasure on a shelf.

What materials do you use to create the ornaments?

Each cake is hand-crafted principally out of polymer clay but may also include chalk pastels, acrylic paint, silver leaf, and jewelry wire.

Can I personalize my ornament? 

Absolutely!  On the base of every ornament I include the wedding date.  If you have any other requests please let me know.